Testimonial 1

"Before I saw Jacqueline, I didn’t go out and had no confidence.  My GP did not understand the emotional impact of my hair loss.  I think my GP thought I was a bit of hypochondriac, as I was there so often complaining of hair loss, but also of tiredness and feeling generally unwell.

Jacqueline was the first person to take time to really listen to me and who immediately understood the impact alopecia was having on my life.  She really got the ball rolling for me to sort things out.

I visited Aberdeen Hair and Scalp Clinic in desperation after waiting months for a referral to an NHS dermatologist.  When I eventually saw the dermatologists, they were impressed that Jacqueline had already diagnosed my problem and had started advising me on treatments. 

Jacqueline also diagnosed that I was very low in iron and that made me push my GP for a blood test which confirmed I was suffering from chronic anaemia and probably had been for many years.  So Jacqueline effectively diagnosed two conditions, alopecia and anaemia, and gave me the confidence to push for treatment.

My hair is now thicker than it has ever been, and with Jacqueline’s help I am managing my alopecia to ensure it does not get worse.  I am frustrated and disappointed my condition wasn’t diagnosed earlier but I am confident enough now to push for what I know I need to maintain optimum hair health, as well as managing my iron levels to ensure I get the most from life."

Alison, Aberdeen

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